Old and wise

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The last rays of light reflected over the water as he sat himself down near a fire. The flames warmed him. He had need of the warmth. He felt cold to the bone. Thoughts about his age, his past life, his experiences made him feel old. Perhaps it needed to make him feel wise too.

As he looked into the flames he could see his childhood. The playfulness of a young child that played with wooden swords. That played kite with his brothers. How much had changed since then. He had experienced the sense of freedom when he was with his tarn up in the sky. The rush of adrenaline when faced with combat or battle. The pain when hit by an arrow or cut of a spear of blade.

And although he had become a pariah for many due to his profession, he still felt they judged him wrongly. He never took a contract for the sake of gold. He never took a contract for the sake of his personal revenge or agenda. In all his time he had tried to be the one that would bring some justice when the laws within the city could not do so.
He valued life. He valued the beauty of his world. He always tried to be respectful to freeman and woman. He had loved deeply and still did. He had a treasured love for his girl Starling. How she had awakened something he had considered dead and buried.

He thought of her at this moment. How she only seemed to see the goodness in him. All the while he tried to bury it underneath his cold and calculated exterior. He knew that his life depended on his wits. He knew that any sign of weakness could make him vulnerable in this life.

He knew he had many weaknesses. Thankfully they were well kept secrets. Perhaps the only one that truly knew there were some was she. She who had made his winter to spring. She whose touch was so soft as velvet or silk. Her smile that could turn a dark day into one of warmth and laughter. Her look could see further than to what most would see. Perhaps she even knew to hide her knowledge even for him. She was aware of the danger of knowing him truly.

For a moment, he turned his eyes to the sun that seemed to dive deeper into the water. Would she love him in fear of her own death? Did she love him, because she was simply bounded to his will? Did she submit to him, simply because she had no strength to fight him? The mere thought that she might be all of this because he once had obtained her, scared him. He wished and hoped that she was the only one capable of seeing him for the honourable and strong man he was. Even after all his time of murder.

A deep sigh escaped him as it turned darker and only the flames were there to cast their shadows.
And with the last ray of light gone, the song of the Starling seemed to dim in volume as to the silence of the night.

The village of Ayr and Wharves

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The village of Ayr and wharves









A word between killers

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ᵛᵉʳʳ stopped dead in his tracks at the voice of the unknown killer, feeling the man’s eyes latching onto him despite his constant motion. He knew immediately they were trained eyes that belonged to a trained killer. “Hau,” he returned the greeting in a red savage manner, “Tal, sir.” A red savage man is without caste, and he was reminded of the full weight of the cities of men he called scabs on the face of the Gor.

Caith eyes assessed the man “Perhaps you could be of help.” he stated to the man “I was once told a story of an urt that wished to pass the street where many carts passed. The urt came to an end. The man sharing this story asked me to find the one telling it.” he said as to ensure that if he was facing the right one – he would know – that he himself was no imposter. “A bird with dark feathers told me while he had learned the story of a verr.”

ᵛᵉʳʳ pursed his lips and looked utterly dumbfounded. His practiced habit — one honed and fine-tuned over many seasons — continued and his awkward shuffles and stretches seemed to lull as the weight of the killer’s words sank in. His gaze passed about their surroundings and he pursed his lips out of routine habit when he thought deeply before speaking, “Tal, Killer. I am familiar with this story. It is a custom amongst the red men of the Barrens to gift a story to an honored friend. One might say a blood brother. I’m told in exchange a story was gifted upon the verr… a riddle describing Murder.” He assessed the man before him and he saw in this killer a reminder of an old, honored friend. “I just may be able to help you after all.”

Caith had ensured them to be alone as he didn’t wish to have some bystanders as he inclined his head “I was once given this story in hope to find the one sharing it to continue a legacy that might have come to an end when the man Crow would leave for his rest in the city of dust. I came with purpose to find the killer Verr and see that the ties that once were between my mentor and him to be restored. Perhaps join forces as in to better the caste. I know him and this killer to be of a same caliber and I am honoured to face a man if so.” he spoke humble and soft as to not have his voice carry far.

ᵛᵉʳʳ ahs, and then nodded with solemn expression to the Killer. “Then perhaps, as is my way, and my custom in the caste of the cities, I should call you brother and comrade,” he said matter of fact and in a quiet tone he felt would not carry to unwanted ears. He stepped into the shadows of the narrow alley, leaving his back to the wall. “Perhaps we can discuss these things in deeper shadow and where my savage dress won’t have the city’s Free Women choking on their veils from gasping at such barbaric culture?”

Caith smirks and nodded “I would be honoured to be called such.” he answers while he waved his hand in a gesture that he would follow him. “I have been roaming about but mostly in those hours they dare not venture out. I do not think I even met one of the ladies of this Port.” he left out that he had come with a woman called Joanna. He hadn’t met her since she set foot in this port. The last perhaps for the best.

ᵛᵉʳʳ dipped his head respectfully and gave his thanks, “Ashoge. Howo.. follow, please.” He would lead the killer to the heart of shadows, in Brundisium — the Black Court.

Caith had been in here a number of times even met one lad that wished to be tested. “Impressive build for such as the caste of assassins. I guess the people of brundisium pass might fear our caste to bestow us with such hmm …” he jested.

ᵛᵉʳʳ nodded in agreement, “It is a mystery to me, truth be told, Killer. I have not seen the likeness to it anywhere else in all my many years. Perhaps it stands as it does now, as it did when it was first built many seasons and perhaps a lifetime of men of the black caste long gone to the Cities of Dust?”

Caith nodded quietly “Perhaps … ” he answers in agreement “Crow told me that you might need help with trainees “Crow gave me the legacy of his guild the Sang Noir, which basicly says black blood.”

ᵛᵉʳʳ allowed himself in this environment a small and genuine smile. “Indeed. There is much work to do here in Brundisium Pass. Much of what my spies have uncovered is that there is some great unrest in the city of Brunidisium Proper. It would appear this man Djoran has significant investment in this section of the city that has been victimized by the will of the Merchant Council. I also understand this ship-builder is not without his own influence with this Council but what is unclear is his place in it. As it stands, the caste itself is disorganized and fragmented. Indeed there is much we can and should discuss.”

Caith nodded slowly “I learned of this, although I have not yet ventured to deep into it. I had some messages to deliver when word came that Crow was killed. But as it stands most are delivered and I would like to commit and see that his work will be continued. I can only hope that you wish me to do so. I would understand if you try to test me. No killer just goes on a word.” he reasons. Perhaps he hoped that the story would atleast give some of his credentials, but again he was a killer and didn’t fear the test that might be given to him.

ᵛᵉʳʳ seemed in that moment a very simple fellow and some might consider him even sloppy in his work, but that would only better serve him to keep others assuming that to be the case. “You wear the livery. You speak words known only to one man — The Killer Crow. And so you find yourself at odds with your own words, comrade. No Killer just goes on a word and yet you find yourself here, speaking to Verr, once of the caste in Ar in the time of Pa Kur… on what? The words of a Killer.” He often enjoyed such logical sparring with Crow, and he looked forward to carrying on that tradition with this man. “There are the Codes. There is gold and steel. But there are many things that far to many who wear the livery like to forget.” He grinned crookedly, a slight challenge revealed in his expression here in the shadows of the Black Court. “We, killer, can certainly do business,” he said with utmost confidence in his tone.

Caith grinned at the words given in counter “The words of a killer should be taken as the honour of him to be a man of caste. Those that only think the caste if for some bunch of killers with no mind clearly have no idea with whom they do business.” he replied. “Excellent, Killer. I am looking forward to that business and join forces so the caste is one that is respected for the right and not the wrong.” he stated confidently. “As you might have witnessed there is a seeker. I have him blindfolded.” he stated.

ᵛᵉʳʳ nods, “Han. Yes. The touch of your mentor didn’t go unnoticed either. As I recall he was fond of creating new and exciting ways of making The Wait an experience the lads would curse him for but thank him for much later. As I said, the caste here in this city is fragmented but I am of the mind that here, in this place more than any, tradition will carry on to those who will serve the caste when I have taken my final steps into the shadows and the Cities of Dust.”

Caith offered his arm in final “Then let us vow that the legacy does continue.” he stated with that sinister undertone that for others might look as if it was a pact of the devil itself even if it held the honour of a given word between two of the caste of Assassins.

ᵛᵉʳʳ pursed his lips and felt the weight of the other’s words. “So it is said, so it will be done. This I swear,” he said with little hesitation. He dipped his head low and touched his fingertips over his heart, then to his lips and to his forehead which was for a him a tradition passed to him by his mentor so long ago, and to the attentive it was a gesture found most often in the far south and the desert sands of the Tahari, and not unknown to the Killers of his earliest years amongst them.

ᵛᵉʳʳ clasped the man’s arm, when all was said.

When blindfolded what do you see ?

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Caith always walked with stealth so when he noted the seeker, he paused silently to see what he was doing before he would make himself known.

Berick Firelight yawning he shook him self awake the warm central fire baking his skin he pressed up and stood stiffly he then stretched his muscles cracked and shifted bring the relief of the body’s natural lubricant. He then listening leaned back to the stone enjoying the sound of the morning, the fine russle of leafs and the smell of food cooking in the city

Caith moved his hand to the hilt of his gladius and ensured that the metal of his bracer would colide with it. It was to see if that little noise would reach the mans ears and how he would reply as he had no idea who it might be that stood there to observe him.

Berick Firelight’s spine stiffened, his hands clenching he would know the sound of sword being drawn any ware being blind the sound was more clear the smooth easy sound of steal leaving leather… he did not care he would rather see his enemy then die blind he tossed the blindfold to the side and let out the cry of the kataii warrior he with fist raise hoping the cry would startle the man, he advanced on him then stopped short cursing as he recognized his teacher…”im sorry Master”… he said bitterly as if he wished he did not discard the fold so quickly

Caith regarded him unimpressed with how the man had replied to the sound. When the man would see him – he would see that he hadn’t drawn steel but merely touched it with his bracer. “You part very easy with that blindfold.” he stated tonelessly while he assessed him critically. “To part with it could be considered defeat.” he added as to taunt the man further. In his caste there was no room for men that acted on whim or ego, they were known to be calculated and thoughtful. “I would pick that up if I were you … or is it that these days you learned that the path to the caste of Assassins doesn’t suit you ?” he challanged him mockingly.

Berick Firelight he cursed he then kneeling down taking the blind fold slipping it back on he stated more calmly now…”no Master i it would suit me fine and i did not think of it as defeat for it was instinct of a man who walked the plains where one such a sound mean death comes for you i will keep such a lesson in mind for times to come and not think like of of the savage plains again I ask your favor in this regard Master

Caith arched a brow “I told you that to enter the training you have to part of anything that was your past. It matters not as to what once was … in fact it would serve you best if you considered yourself nothing. Do you think that training is easy ? That you can pass it only because you fight well ?” he shook his head “A killer will not act on whim or on recklessness. It considers, listens … and only acts when one is sure. Nothing less than being sure.” he said quietly. “Tell me how did you exploring go ? I see you still on your feet so no splinters of the wood of the wharves … ”

Berick Firelight he shook his head and mutters he then wiped his hand on his stained tunic his pants where ripped , he hand some cut on his feet and hands his legs bore a impromptu bandage and one could see claws of the sleen down his leg, he also had meany bruises of his face from falling and his body was also bruised his angles where swollen his nails on his toes some broken some had caked dried blood… “ decide some issues like turning a corner of a market and knocking over dishes angering a sleen by the sound, I manages to stay alive these last few days by seeking employment in the tug and rub where I was put to work the men seemed to decide to tie me up and drag me over here now I have little idea where I am in the city sense where I last left off is the market place

Caith regarded him and smirks hearing what he had encountered. “Alive for several days without eye sight or weapons could be considered quite an accomplishment. Scars heal and I doubt any of them were lethal enough.” he stated. Perhaps some compliment could be read in to the words although his voice remained sill and detached. “Tell me without eyes …. what do you see ?” he asks.

Berick Firelight he thought for a long moment as he moved his left hand to his right arm he rubbed it still feeling a bit stiff as he stated….”with out eyes all anyone can see is the unfiltered truth of are world for we with are own eyes paint a picture of what we want to see how others have trained us to look at the world around us the example of me attacking you,, I was not lessening first. I did not hear the sound of a attack but listened to the training instilled on me so with out site you are blind to the lies the world offers you

Caith paused while he considers his words and would give them value – or not. “Many think that we live in our shadows to leap from them for that one act of murder. They think that for a reason … to learn the darkness and train your other senses could even make you aware of much without the ability to see. I once met a blind slave. She was bred that way, because she was able to be used to recognize people even if they were well disguised.” he shared. “Can you see the value of the lesson I tried to give you – even if you are only in the wait ?”

Berick Firelight he nods solemnly and stated simply….”i do understand Master even i might be raised wild man on the plains it is clear i could be more then a simple brute

Caith nodded “So take this lesson and truly try to study the lay out of this port. Blind so you know your way with your eyes shut. Find every nook and hook … my test will be to plant you somewhere and you will know how to get back to me based on your other senses. To cheat is defeat … so when you take off that blindfold the wait will be over … by your leaving or by me accepting you into training.” he promised.

Berick Firelight he nods his understanding he turned his head hearing footstep of leather boots he stated calmly…”tal and i understand Master and will do what is nessary ”

ᵛᵉʳʳ bound up the steps in a nearly careless manner. It might seem that the tavern was what he was after. He heard a muffled sound of a man’s voice, and he seemed to take up a nervous shuffle. Two men, one in the livery of the dark caste, and the other unknown with the look of one from the wagons. Perhaps he was intruding. He glanced at the old stones and was careful to ensure his awkward shuffles and nervous habit would not cross with the shadow of the killer. He dipped his head in a slightly humbled manner and made as if to skirt around these men. He knew well the saying that men never dabbled lightly in the affairs of Killers.

Caith nodded and dismissed the seeker “Don’t let me keep you then. One can never be sure when I will test it.” he turned to the man that fitted a picture he was once given. “Tal.” he offered while he turned more fully to him. His brows somewhat knitted together as in recognition to who he might face.

The legacy continues

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Caith regarded the man with piercing eyes. “Tal.” he offered simply while he assessed the mans stance and weaponry.

Berick Firelight he steped off the boat, his heavy boots could be heard moveing along the planks as he steped off then moveing on the ground, her turned his head the clear scars on his face , he looked around the port his eyes looked to the man in black he tilted his head in question he observed the mans wepionary

Berick Firelight: ..”tal sir I am berick this is a interesting Land.. I am a outrider in search of the assassins

Caith noted the scars but gave little consideration to them. Each men of Gor might carry them. “One could tell that to be a dangerous occupation, Berick.” he replied with some sarcasm. He moved closer to him as to not have their voices carry far “why would you wish to find those of the dreaded black caste ?” he asks.

Berick Firelight he stood his ground his dark kataii skin was in clear contrast to the sands around him he looked from Mans sword and crossbow to the mans eyes as he stated calmly….”it is my wish to seek such a path the life of a outrider has told me much and i seek a more …. refined path per say i know some about the men in black but being one of the wagons my experience was around them it is my attentions to leave my people behind and forsake my kind for the lonely road of gold and steal and the tool of priest kings

Caith frowned at the admission as to weigh the words carefully “Are you sure ? To forsake all is a lot. Next to it only very few are able to truly get that far. Did you know that only one out of ten can don the black because he earned it and surpassed his training ?” he asks. The question was serious and his tone betrayed that this was considered deadly serious to him. “What is it that you leave behind ? A slave a woman ? A past ?”

Berick Firelight he nods solemnly then looking to the man he spoke in a carefully measured voice….”I leave behind my people being one of the wagons it means quite a bit, to walk away from them for one does not leave the heard lightly but. I leave my heard i leave my birth right now, i have courage scare for a woman and a slave so. I leave the woman who i sought at a time in my youth, the sights of a young man that wanted a family, and yesi I would leave my past and happiness behind to do what must be done.. nothing is safe in for and maybe one of 10 even live on a day to day bassos so it to me is no different then riding the plains where I was alone offend

Caith eyes him sharply when he speaks “You think I might judge you based on what you leave behind ? I do not weigh that, but I am sure you will every single day if you truly wish to go into the shadows. For months you might secretly wish not to take these directions for what you leave. Perhaps you might even beg to be killed because being alone with gold and steel is a pretty lonely life. An Assassin is feared, looked down upon. He is almost the lowest of caste and yet he must be able to work to surpass even the well guarded gardens of an Ubar for one purpose.” he stated. “What do you think to gain by choosing this path ?”

Berick Firelight he looked to the man his eyes looking into his eyes his chin was turned up and proud… he nods listening to the man his eye brow twitched when the man stated about begging to be killed…..”i do not expect you or require you to judge me on my past it is only the start of the path any path … perhaps your right in such things, but in all things we sacrifice even in my old life….I seek to gain training and a clear understanding my self and my inner nature I think not to gain much for all there will be is gold and steal nothing more if I was to live threw the training I know I will have no friends so I gain I think solitude

Caith nods once but even that seemed to be a movement he had given thought. “When one starts in this dark path, a man will have to deal with what we consider the wait.”he started. “The wait is a period of time were you are to proof that this is truly your path. It will take away all what you own. So I will take away all your weapons and boots. To disarm as a man might feel uncomfortable but it will be nothing considering what will come in training. You will be beaten, tested severely. If you once dare to fall out to me …. I will slice your throat and have you disposed, without blinking an eye or any remorce.” he paused as to give these words the heaviness of their intent. “However in that time you can still walk away whenever you feel like it. During the wait you are not yet in training, after you are able to proof yourself during the wait you will be posed with that question. If you remain then you can’t leave anymore besides in a bodybag or as a killer – is this understood ?”

Berick Firelight he watched the man he shifted a bit uneasy as if he was a bit uncomfortable to be with out weapon to defend him self other then fist,he set his jaw as he nods…”the time things take its time i am not worried about and i would take any scars or beaten that would come to me and i will not a fall i my however tip an fall but you will see i will always stand back up and i do understand and if the ones of the black do decide to take me into the path then i would give what i have

Caith regards him and could guess how the man felt by leaving all that behind. “That the most important lesson you already get now. No man of the caste is ever disarmed. Do you think Steel is our only weapon ?” he asks sharply. He moved his hand to his temple “Your mind – that is the most important part of you – do not forget it nor make the mistake that a man without a weapon is no threat.” he held his hand out “It is up to you now …. give me your boots and weapons …. and consider me your Master in a path to the caste.” he stated with that natural authority.

Berick Firelight he laughed the great kataii laugh of his people…. he shook his head a bit chuckling to him self he unbuckled his belt that had his quiva, sword, and bola then with his other hand he unstrapped the crossbow he set them on the down finally he slipped his boots off as his dark skin kissed the stands he then bent over scooped them all up and in his arm he offers them to the men…..”yes that is true you are correct in such things and i consider you my teacher as you say

Caith watched the man laugh and for a moment seemed to make this wager – how quick that one would fade if he would undure the first of the tasks he would set before this man. He took his belongings which he would keep under lock and key. “You will call me Master. You will do what I say and as you are in the wait must consider what failure might represent.” he stated. “Next to it during your training you will refrain yourself from any pleasure. Can you tell me why I demand such ?”

Berick Firelight he girted his jaw hes stance was defiant his resolve his stance was defensive suggesting that he was perhaps a proud man..”yes I understand as to the lack of pleasure that is simple enough things as alcohol woman can made a man unfocused and at time lose there focus lose the discipline”… he said simply not stating much more just standing there his armed crossed his stance guarded clearly unease

Caith nodded “Aye, these things can cloud your judgment and as this is a period in which you will be tested you better have all your senses sharp.” he stated. “Remember that you are not in training yet nor have me as some guard to see to your needs. You will have to survive in this Port pretty much on your own devices. Perhaps you have to charm a slave in giving you a free meal, perhaps have to come with a good excuse why you are bared footed or bleed from your nose.” the last seemed to be a promise. “You must be creative in whatever is demanded by me. Since I am the one that can grant you the desired path you seek. Is this clear ?” he asks intently.

Berick Firelight he winced hearing the man but he set himself to the task at hand he stood tall looking to the man, he shifted his hands putting them on his hips..”then its simple i will put the skills i have come here with to use”.. he smirked and then tilted his head as he considered the mans words….”I will do what i must”.

Caith nodded while he suddenly gives motion to his right elbow in aim to the mans face. As he had been training a lot to give a good blow even when carrying things the force would be considerable and perhaps this attempt to wipe that smirk of the mans face. “Next to it – you call me Master when you have answered me and are done in your reply. Is that clear – Maggot.” the last of course his attempt to bruise the mans ego – anything could be a test as to see how badly this man wished to become part of the caste. It wouldn”t be a first that a man couldn’t take the verbal beatings and turned from it path because his ego could not deal with it.

Berick Firelight stood there and did not move the pour kataii that he was, he watched the arm move and then feeling his head jerk back he looked darkly to the man then chuckled and spat the blood from hims mouth, his eyes looked admired as he was called worst in the plains.. he stood there the blood trailing down his lip he licked it before saying the amused grin on his face as he consider the man in a new light …. as he said in a voice that spoke pleasure not anger for the most part…and even chuckling as he spoke….”your actions are almost worthy of the wagons”….he then girted his teeth as he had to force the last part out stating in a bitter hate what expressed his deep seeded resentment to having to say it clearly bugging him more then being called maggot….”i understand” he spat out the last part….”Master”

Caith watched the man take the blow as a man and saw promise in it – even if it was little at this point. “I have been in places that have made me earn several scars.” he stated matter of factly. “Now take this.” while he handed him a blindfold. “You will have to wear this untill I tell you to take it off. During this time you might not take it from your eyes. It might make you feel vulnarable but consider a complete guard with their blades drawn and this will be a piece of cake. You will explore this port blind, you will endure the pain of tripping – I could care less. But you will know and learn every hook and nook in this port – is that clear ?” he asks him again sternly.

Berick Firelight he hearing the mans words, his face turn totally cold all traced of humor forgotten he snarled and looked to be close to loosing his temper and attacking the man, the shaking his head he forced his self as he looked directly into the mans eyes…”i understand then”…………his face contorted again as the humiliation of the deg ration was clear as he stated….”Master” … he slipped the blind fold over his eyes and waited his world going black

Caith nodded and watched how he blindfolded himself “Well I would get started – worm.” he urged him while he would take the mans belongings to his own space where he would hid them well.

One and the Same

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It would be one of those days, days that might find more significance than other days would.  The death of one of their agents wasn’t a surprise and yet one could sense that there was this sense of loss. The man had served them for a long time and had done it with vigour, skill and determination.  He was one of the very selected few that could speak of Nest trust. He had ensured that their main enemies hadn’t been able to get influence in several large cities. He had been scarred for their war more than once. 

“It is for the best.” One of the Priest Kings said “His face, his way of working, his skill was known. I guess it would only be a matter of time if they would have found him.  This way we can start anew.”

The tentacles of its head still seemed to be showing regret and perhaps even grief because they lost a worker for their cause.

When the disk had crashed in Ar, he himself had known that it was there for one reason. Perhaps to warn for what might come to his beloved Ar.  None would have ever guessed his true loyalty. He hadn’t ever spoken of it nor shared the information he had known when it came to the other agent of the Priest Kings.  He could have escaped that prison, but had not.  He had seen the signs and with it would rather die by a blade then the vicious claws or fangs of his sworn enemies.

“The clone is ready and can take Crows place.” The Priest King continued to reason with the others  “He has the same genetic origin and with it I am sure he can continue the cause Crow held. “ 

The Priest Kings knowledge to genetic, cloning and such was far more than one might guess.  However they weren’t the kind that would offer such knowledge with Goreans. They were to unreliable when it came to it and only on Gor, because they allowed it so.

When the young man stood before them they weren’t surprised when he looked exactly as Melchior had done at that age. The clone was made from the genes when Melchior himself had the same age.  However there was one major difference. Melchior had been recruited actively while this young man was born and raised here.  In a way it could be considered an advantage just as much as a disadvantage.  Only time would tell what would come from it.

“He will go to Ar and find those that were related to Crow, perhaps to learn what happened to one of our own that never returned to us.” The Priest King said to the others. “Same task and same skill, however none will know that he is one and the same. “

Crows Chaos

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[13:47]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell watched her leave and with it perhaps for a moment some might see the true koskinen. Still a man that underneath all layers of venom cared for those that carried the name. Even if in the family matters much deviousness seemed to exist and brew

[13:53]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar he looked about him seeing they had cleared out mighty fast once he started to make his way downstairs he looks to Crow and says ” Well, Well, Well, Alone at last”

[13:55]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell smirks “I thought you liked to work the crowd, Drevan. Clearly a man that came in Ar with the desire to seace it for its own, even keeping his own devious intentions so well disguised. If it weren’t for the involvement of a simple slave I might have recruited you … our caste could use like you … that cunning and for what gain … gold … or would it be power in your case ?”

[14:02]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar he smiles a warm yet dark grin ” Ahh and who says I would want to be one of you? OR even that your kind had tried before?” they hadnt but he had suspected many times they were thinking of doing so, Triad for one often left little hints ” The Problem with your group is you leave no room for what TRULY matters for me….Family. My Treasure, my one secret is Family, For them I would Raze Tyros, Burn Down Ar and take over Clearchus in a Day, Yes I seek Power, And man of a certain ability seeks something would seem yours if coin, but for me, coin is the means to Power not the source of it. But enough Chit chat, we have dilemma you and I see I know enough about your caste to know even if I free you your most likely a dead man, BUT, you have not yet committed a crime worthy of death, atleast as far as I see, Tell me though, WHY did you attack him”

[14:07]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell listens and for a moment the sting of the past hit him, struck him for a moment as if he was helpless to the lashes of his past. He hadn’t been given a choice to join or not, recruitment wasn’t a choice but well done in some kind of bigger scemes. “As I said … he tried to blackmail me.” he replied. “Further I can’t speak of it since my codes – the few I have I will uphold.” he stated. He seemed to regard Drevan while he of course tried to see if there were things he could use to escape this predicement if need be. “He thought that me posing to be a tavernkeep was something he could hold above my head and you must know of all people why I was in that disguise.” the last was perhaps not that clear to Dreven but the contract he had finished partly to blame and he knew of that.

[14:12]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar he regards the man ” I have known only one man that was recruited to the black and saw him again afterwards, He had a disguise, had it been any but myself Tariq might have pulled it off, but I knew my Brother, He gave me enough to understand Why the need for them so Aye I understand” he left off the fact he might be the same killer Faye had hired because he wasn’t sure and wasn’t going to ask either “So he blackmailed you wanting you to ply your caste without taking Coin? Then you are also free discuss what he wanted? WHO he wanted?”

[14:17]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell looks to Dreven “No I cannot speak of it. Since if I did I would give voice to a man I couldn’t have taken even if the man had offered gold.” he movd closer to the bars, his eyes slightly narrow at him “I will be honest Drevan … My grandfather once said that each man that would work with steel never died of old age, he would die because one day he would stand before the better one of him.” he tried to see if Drevan had a weapon. “I failed my caste last night and with it I want to die as a man of my caste … not by some court of law that might bow its head over nothingness. The man warranted his own death by trying to use his knowledge for his own means. My word agains that of his.”

[14:22]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar he regards the Assassin and makes a noise of amusement and confusion “Do you not yet understand Killer? I am as much the Justice of Gor as you are, We not so unlike each other, Brothers if you will One Dark, One Light YOu are not being condemned by some weak Court of Law you are being taken by the Justice of Gor, to rail and plead against such is as weak and when your target pleads and begs you ‘No, not me I don’t deserve a death like this I deserve that one or that one or that one’ So do not shame yourself by acting as they do, instead help me met out justice once more BE the Justice of Gor one last time Let the Dark aide the light just this once and help me condemn a man that deserves it as surely ass you do”

[14:27]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell smirks when Drevan replied and the guards had lost their original interest in the conversation, just as he had anticipated. Words were not his expertise, not in times like this. But to work the man that did fancy them and giving him enough angles to speak and not pay attention to the distance and with it how the hilt of his blade might come in range of him. “You have your facts – judge – you tell me – hmmm … What is right ? A killer that didn’t bend to some hidious sceme of a builder and tried to rid himself from such a low beast with no honour ?” it was kinda funny that he spoke of honour – how little did he have when it came to his kills.

[14:32]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar stepping back a pace, well out of reach of the prisoner he did not rise to power in Tyros, Cyprianus, and now Ar by being stupid afterall particularly not wit hhis less than warm personality he chuckles and says to the killer ” Why simple, both are guilty, He wants you executed for attacking and attempting to kill him with the dagger, I intended to show he is guilty of the same and that YOU are his dagger and just like any weapon can be turned on its bearer so to this happened again last night as such you are Both guilty, the only difference is with out your cooperation, only you will be punished for your crimes, and THAT is not Justice done”

[14:34]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell narrowed his eyes “I am many men, Drevan but you ask me to commit cuicide. That is no choice of light or dark. Regardless of the choice I make … my life is signed sealed and delivered to the city of dust.” he spat, perhaps a first crack in his patience.

[14:39]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar shaking his head “Ofcourse it is not a choice, It was never going to be. I am simply offering a chance this ONE chance to be the end of the man who has effectively ended you Take it or leave it. BUT, I caution you As you said your fate is sealed, it is just a matter HOW you want your end to be…….”

[14:41]  Drake MalsharenDrake Malsharen walked up to the table as he looked at the scrolls over it overhearing the conversation of Drevan with Melchior in the cell as he took the scroll to leave them alone, carrying them in his arms. “Tal Drevan.” his eyes narrowing a little for Melchior as he was in the cell not really knowing what happened. but he will surely be sent if it requires anything to be handled by them, questionong security. “Melchior,” greeting him as well before heading back to the metallic door. “I was only passing by.”

[14:42]  Drake Malsharen: questioning*

[14:42]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell slammed his hands to the bars of the cell. In this very moment he knew himself no longer in a position to play his game and with it that iron control seemed to snap and he started to pace in his cell. He had never betrayed his codes and to do so now and face his caste brothers that held in some esteem when they might learn of his failing the codes would be a certain death. Perhaps he might have his vengeance since it wouldn’t only be his life here but that of Zander aswell. His look turned back to you bewildered “I will not speak of it.” he than snapped as the vicious snake he could be. He noted the rarius but gave him little heed, his sole focus on the man he was facing. .

[14:49]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar shaking his head at the man’s stubborn refusal to assist him ” As you wish Killer, As you wish….. But you will not yet face the gates of the Dust City, Not before I have a chance to find out what Zander did, Who he wanted and see him sent beside you I may need speak with you again on that so for now you still live, I will grant a small mercy, you might speak with others but I warn you each person that sees you will be recorded by these guards, name homestone and description and should you escape I am Ordering the authorization of immediate execution by impalement of all those who assist in your escape” he looked to Drake and said ” Sergeant, Tal, See to it my orders are obeyed Aye?”

[14:52]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell was in compleet rage now. “You are either a fool or enjoy the clan of torturers. You wish to hold my life as leverage to a high caste builder ?” he spat.

[14:53]  Drake MalsharenDrake Malsharen turned around to Drevan as he listened to every words he was saying. nodding grimly at the mention of Melchior being a killer. “I will send words to all Taurentian’s. Any that will be found to disobey will be punished as you deem fit.” with that, the guard on the door pushed it open for drake to get out with his arms full of scroll that he will have to sort out at the Headquaters. as he nodded to Drevan once again, before turning his back to them and heading to the main Cylinder.

[14:55]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar glaring at Melchior forgetting his proximity for just one short moment and stepped sideways his sword almost sliding between the bars and says “I WANT a piece of slime that hired a killer and then tried claiming himself the VICTIM!”

[14:58]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell snapped his eyes back to him – deadly calm all of a sudden “Did you not hear me, judge.” he said as if there had now escaped this little slithering serpent that might dance before his feet to hypnotize before it would snap and deliver the deadly dosis of venom “I will not speak of it – I will not break my codes. Nor for your search for glory for you or any of your relatives. Not for some slut I might fancy – for none.” and with the last he moved himself in one leap to the bars his hand trying to grip the hilt of his blade.

[15:03]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar the sudden movement of the man made his jump back but it was too late the Killer had his sword on the left side he draw the other in instinct and says ” Drop the Weapon Killer.” the Guards suddenly snap awake their spears pointing into the cell another running out after more help Drevan stares the Prisoner down and says one more time ” Drop. The. Sword.”

[15:03]  Drevan of Ar: ((right side*))

[15:05]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell knew himself armed and with it his eyes seemed to be those of a killer. “I won’t drop the sword, judge. It is clear that the options you have given me were both my death. If so I will die with taking one of you with me … unless you might find a grain in your corrupt body to see another option there.” he hissed. Positioning himself constantly behind bars so that the spears would give little threat unless these guards were more trained than he had observed them for.

[15:12]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar he looked at the Man and said ” Corrupt? I am Corrupt? Bah what would you know about corruption Killer! You who will take Coin and kill but wont see a man that has condemned you Brought to justice for his crimes. Besides This Zander deserves death if for now reason besides poor Style. And there will be no more Deaths but your own Killer You want to face someone ?” he looks to the Guard and orders ” Open the cell, and then ALL of you back Off, he is mine!” he snarled out almost a growl like a Kur, his adreneline was pumping forcing his heart faster blood coursing to all veins increasing his reactions, tensing his muscles making him react faster swing harder, his body was giving him that Battle Focus once more ” Come on then Killer, I am all the stands between you and your freedom come claim it if you can”

[15:15]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell eyes were keen upon his opponent. He held the blade which wasn’t his own in his hand, trying to balance it while he watched the guards step back. A grin crossed his features, another option had been given and with it he stretched his one arm out and opened his palm to him and closed it as to beackon him closer. No words were spoken, he wouldn’t waist his breath now he faced a fight.

[15:19]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar pacing along the cage he watched the killer waiting for the door to open finally as the cell door swung open he leaped in planting his feet against he wall and flew at his opponent his blade and body both whirling as his blade came swinging towards Crow for the Judge did not fight wit hthe rigid style of the Arian Phalanx but the singular and almost aerobatic style taught to him on the isles of Tyros though he could not guarantee that was where it originated from

[15:23]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell knew that when the door would be opened he should expect the man to leap. With calculated position he moved to the outer edge of the door in hope to have it slam against the wall and hit back – which might bring it into Drevans back to give him advantage if the man was out of balance. A fight could be done in many ways and Crow a man that held no longer the element of surprise might be an even match if the judge indeed had been the warrior he had claimed. The last not something for him to question and he saw it in the way the man moved. His blade well poised to shield any initiate attack while keen eyes seemed to see what could be used to his advantage. The long skirt something that might slow drevan down – but than again he had a considerable loss of blood which again might make things even. He waited what the door would do before he would plan his next move. His mind when it came to these things razor sharp and on the money.

[15:29]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar to door had indeed grazed him but thanks to his twisting spin it grazed off him lightly only sending him off target not off balance the space they fought in was small but that was infact to Drevan’s advantage when the dorr sent him off target he simply whirled again and with a sharp quick force sent out a Bosk Kick though it was not focused and even if landed would do little more than give him the time needed to regroup and attack once more he quickly looked about his surroundings seeing a his next three moves regardless of the present one

[15:32]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell had given himself only time when the man kept his ballance but with it he now moved down while he tried to calculate the distance of their blades. A leg Stretched when he would try to give it that swoop to the mans ankles while his blade was poised diagonal to the mans chest. If he was able to indeed have the man move the man by his swing the blade was directly aimed to the heart and he needed to remain focussed on the mans blade as to where it might land.

[15:38]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar when crow when for the leg sweep he guickly jump and turned the bosk kick to a spinning dodge having the presence of body to send a sword swing down at the man’s arm as he readied a killing blow had he been caught the leg sweep it would have been exactly that now he turned his boddy once more into the spinning whirlwind bouncing off the walls sending light attack after light attack doubt even one of them landed on their target but thankfully they didn’t need too he saw the man’s wound and he knew the amount of blood he had lost even if all Drevan could do was keep the killer at bay that would be enough and he knew it, he suspected crow did as well and tat only made the killer that much more Dangerous

[15:42]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell faced the man and its match. The Killer that more often than not worked with the element of surprise and with it without his target truly knowing it. His combat skills considerable but with it he knew himself not superior. For a moment he felt dazed as the man moved the space to move about and was able to shield his attacks. Perhaps a moment of a body of an old killer faultered and with it he could only now without that deadly precision take an aim. Moving to his full height perhaps exposing himself way to much but with it the force of the blow of his blade enough to knock a man backwards. The cut at his arm that was inflicted tore open and with it blood stained the floor, making it less vast as he might desire for a battle of life and death.

[15:50]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar guards in the room watched as the Judge and Killer danced with death a beautiful and horrify sight the clanging of their steel making the music, guards started cheering the judge on though one or two could be heard rooting for the killer though only because they hated scribes more than they did killers , Drevan ofcourse could not hear them he only had sight for his opponent only had hearing for their steel when his blow to the arm Landed he took that chance feint with his steel before jumping back into the corner kicking off the edges of it for speed he straightened int oa whirled spear tip even as Crow straightened himself up raising his blade on high for a forceful blow Both it seemed were making for killing blows both out of and yet still inside their zones of training this truly was anyones fight

[15:57]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell felt himself drain from strength and precision. Perhaps age, the lack of practice from in the tavern or the considerable bloodloss. Perhaps even the sum of all three that made him stagger and find a wall as if he was blinded of his tiredness. The cheers didn’t help him since with it his sense of hearing his oponent wasn’t there anymore. His bare feet felt the moist of what might be blood or sweat and with it he held even less advanatge to the boots the judge was wearing. The pain of his wounds was one he didn’t seem to carry – his training had made him endure more. Than he lifted his blade exposing his stumach that had been exactly the aim of the Judge and he even moved more into it as if the piercing steel into his flesh become only clear after he tried to swing his own blade down. Perhaps he still managed to hit the mans shoulder – arm – or head.

[16:03]  Drevan of ArDrevan of Ar as his blade sank into the flesh of the killer he felt one short moment of elation but that quickly was replaced by pain as the killers own steel sunk deep into his shoulder losing use of his right arm instantly it just dropped to the side or rather straight down as he landed on the ground his knees stopping the fall completely he still held the sword with his his left hand and with what strength he could call to him he snarled half of pain half of rage ” Dieeee!” his word was filled with fluid a mixture a sweat blood and simply saliva all mixed in fro mteh fight he was no uninjured after all but still he twisted that sword slowly and it shook with his effort as he roared and gave one final push into the man ending him once and for all

[16:07]  Melchior WardellMelchior Wardell felt him by his own force and the force of the man empaled by his sword, the lethal blow enough to have him bend through his knees. As if life had made him that tower of force it seemed now to tumble. His eyes wide of shock when his hand reach to the blade that pierced him the blood that stained his hands warm while the pulsating of his heart seemed to make it flow like a river from him. A final cry of life given … and than as if some Priest King saw fit he did what the man had cried for. He fell to the floor lethally wounded but still with the steel in his hand as if he had been born with it.


[16:08]  GM 4.2 shouts: Melchior Wardell has been killed by Drevan Darkbyrd